Leading Diligently!
Empowering national leaders in every way, so that they can always be generous, willing to serve and to encourage their own people in their needs. (2 Corinthians 9:11 adapted by TGSI)

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The Good Samaritans International (TGSI) invites you coming alongside native pastors and indigenous leaders who have a passion for reaching their own people group and who can be trained, equipped, and placed among their own people and culture. You and your church can help build this leader for missions and trained to be a Bible teachers! Get involved by traveling to visit the field, to serve and meet the believers.
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Assist in transforming the lives of local congregation of believers by training their pastors and leaders to clearly and accurately communicate and teach God’s word.
Get involved by giving financially to provide pastoral and leadership. Pray for the winnable people and the growing native church in India.
  • Why is Leadership Equipping is a felt need for nurturing of believer?
    One of the greatest needs for every believer is to grow in the knowledge of God, be anchored in their faith and be used by God to pass-on this faith to the next generation. Such knowledge comes from examining and studying scriptures and transmission of biblical truths found in the Bible.
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