In ever so growing fast paced lifestyle, and beyond our careers and individual professional callings, The Good Samaritans International (TGSI) is offering opportunities for missions to all that has been impacted by Christ's love to be Good Samaritans.

Missions through Education | Solar Powered Audio Device | Bible Translation | Leadership Empowerment |
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We are reaching indigenous people and least reached people groups in many parts of India. Our efforts are joined by communities of people and churches who identify with TGSI's serving missional initiatives.
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The Good Samaritans International (TGSI) is committed to engage the body of believers who have been impacted by God's Love to spur the growth of the church and heart for saving their own.
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Connect and serve the native growing church in its holistic ministries. Such indigenous missions initiatives in India and special international suburbia ministries in north America, have God given opportunities ready for us to pray for, and to use our lives and our gifts for God's glory!
Our ongoing programs in the field include, community outreach and development, including health and relief, pastoral ministries of presence, bible trainings -nurturing of new believers and eadership empowerment for the growing church and faith witness. We are praying that through all of this, God's name will be proclaimed and glorified among the millions who are yet to be reached. This is indeed an open door for missions. Please consider becoming the team of laborers in His missions.
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Connecting People with God’s Concerns
in Indigenous Missions

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Moved by compassion and concern of God
to all peoples at all times,
The Good Samaritans International is working
to raise and engage good samaritans
in assisting the native church in its holistic missions towards transformation of people and communities, bringing them hope for the future!

  • Mission

    Connecting People with God’s Concerns in Indigenous Missions.
  • Vision

    Moved by compassion and concern of God to all peoples at all times, The Good Samaritans International is working to raise and engage good samaritans in assisting the native church in its holistic missions towards transformation of people and communities, bringing them hope for the future.
  • Commitment and Prayer

    The Good Samaritans International (TGSI)
    is committed to engage the body of believers who have been impacted by God's Love to spur the growth and establishment of the native church and its passion ministries among the new believers and unreached people groups in India. (This is our native field based missional and care emphasis.)

    Commitment to Indigenous Missions through
    Education and Literacy
    Community Development & Outreach
    Leadership Empowerment and Media
    International Ministry Initiatives through
    Neighborhood & International Students Outreach

  • About Us
    • Board of Directors Enter description here. test
      Dr. Emil Jebasingh
      Our Tribute: Our dear Annan, went to be with the Lord in December of 2013. His concern and passion for leadership, upliftment, missions and church and doctrinal Bible teaching has benefited scores of peoples around the world.

      With vision to reach the lost, to nurture the growing church in their faith and impart to them a deep love for study of scriptures and doctrinal truths of the Bible Dr. Emil Jebasingh raised leaders and ministries such as Vishwa Vani, and The Good Samaritans and Bless India. Dr. Emil Jebasingh led Trans World Radio’s ministry a its regional director of South Asia, using radio as church planting tool. Many believers in India continue to blessed by the fruit of these ministries and live as witness for Him.

      Dr. Michael Pocock
      Dr. Pocock has always subscribed to an intercultural approach to the gospel. Before joining the Dallas Seminary’s World Missions faculty in 1987, he pastored a culturally diverse church in Chicago. He and Mrs. Penny Pocock, also ministered for 16 years with The Evangelical Alliance Mission, first in Venezuela and later in Wheaton, Illinois. He continues to travel extensively speaking in missions ministries and conferences. Dr. Pocock has published works on multicultural churches in America (2002) and the impact of globalization on missions (2005). He currently is writing on migration in Scripture and the implications for ministry worldwide. Dr. Pocock has been a visiting professor at Christian colleges and seminaries around the world. Along with being on TGSI’s board, Dr. Pocock is also serving as chairman of the board for Evergreen Family Friendship Services. Dr. and Mrs. Pocock have been a great blessing and comfort to Vinay and Shalini Patras in their calling and as their professor of missions during Seminary days.

      Andrews Jebasingh
      Andrew, is a founding partner at WebchartMD with Mark that provides advanced application services for healthcare providers. Andrew has a Masters degree from Vanderbilt and is known for his giftedness and intelligence in computer technology. Andrew, Emil and Ananthi’s son, he has used his skills and expertise with computer engineering for assisting ministries involved in missions. He has married his college sweetheart Emily and they live in Johnson City, TN with their three boys!

      Chad and Angela Brunott
      Both Chad and Angela have served for number of years in their professional calling as CPA. This experience has been has been a big gift to TGSI as they both have overseen its important activities and served on its Board of Directors. Chad is also serving at the ministry treasurer. Angela serves full-time in an international missions organization. They now live in beautiful Hill Country historic town of Boerne, Texas, with their two children.

      Vinay Patras and Shalini Patras
      With a desire to support the holistic indigenous ministries in Indian subcontinent. Vinay and Shalini graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, their passion is two fold—to assist the local church around the world (beginning in India) in its holistic ministry, and to encourage believers in Christ to get involved ministerial service to their communities and church. serving and in missions, declaring God’s abundant goodness and being a witness of God's love in Jesus Christ. Vinay is serving TGSI in giving leadership of pastoral encouragement and equipping. Vinay and Shalini have one daughter and they live in Plano, Texas.
    • Why We Exist? Enter description here.
      In ever so growing fast paced lifestyle, and beyond our carriers and individual professional callings, The Good Samaritans International (TGSI) is offering opportunities for missions to all who been impacted by Christ's love to be Good Samaritans.
      To begin by personally loving God deeply, and with that growing faith, be ready and willing to serve Christ and assist in serving the native growing church in its holistic ministries.
      God is raising pockets of believers who are meeting and praying for missions as families, as friends, colleagues at workplace, local monthly missions gatherings and as a local church, becoming significant partners to serve and invest sacrificially with the joy of seeing lives transformed among the native people.
      God is raising you as a Good Samaritan with The Good Samaritans International, who will diligently seek Him and love Him and to prayerfully and actively participate in missions.
    • Our Guiding Values Enter description here.
      In seeking to glorify God with our efforts, we will pursue ethical choices that further His work and manifest His character to those around us.

      TGSI is committed to prioritizing and fully committing to works that we undertake. While our vision and mission are broad and allow for expansion throughout the world, the projects we take on are specific, timely, and well executed.

      TGSI will carefully select ministry efforts and partners and support them for the long-term. Our typical evaluation process for a new organization is 6 months to a year, while we generally support the ministry for 3-5 years with a ministry review at that time.

      TGSI will achieve its vision in primary ways that will bring Glory to God and impart His love and message of Salvation to others:
      Administer tangible medical and physical aid to impoverished people.
      Coordinate short-term mission and vision trips trips so donors and teams can experience participate in indigenous ministries.
      Equipping local leaders to provide spiritual and emotional encouragement to people in remote locations.
      Leadership empowerment, scriptural teaching and encouragement.
      Assist the native church in its holistic ministries.
      Use God given gifts, aqquired skills, available tools including Media and Publications.
      Partner with likeminded organizations who stand by Christian doctrinal truths and Belief Statement.
    • What We Believe Enter description here.
      The Good Samaritans uses the following to communicate its essential Christian beliefs:

      1. We are confident that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God.

      2. We acknowledge the Creator-God as our heavenly Father, infinitely perfect, and intimately acquainted with all our ways.

      3. We claim Jesus Christ as Lord -- the very God who came in human flesh -- the object of our worship and the subject of our praise.

      4. We recognize the Holy Spirit as the third member of the Godhead, incessantly at work convicting, convincing, and comforting.

      5. We believe that Adam's fall into sin left humanity without the hope of heaven apart from a new birth, made possible by the Savior's death and bodily resurrection.

      6. We believe the offer of salvation is God's love-gift to all. Those who accept it by faith, apart from works, become new creatures in Christ.

      7. We believe that anyone who trusts in Christ by faith, is a new creation in Him -- clothed in His righteousness and fully loved and accepted by God.

      8. We believe that God expects our lives to reflect that we belong to Him and that we are pursuing a holy life.

      9. We believe that Satan, under the sovereign permission of God, tries to destroy the faith of believers and that drawing near to God is the only way to resist him.

      10. We believe that as new creations in Christ we will continue to wrestle with our sin nature. We will, however, continue to grow in grace and become more like Jesus. Ultimate perfection and freedom from sin, however, will only come when we finally stand in the presence of the Lord.

      11. We believe that, as believers in Jesus Christ, we are members of His universal church and that the local church is the place God has designed for His people to worship Him, observe the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Table, and love other Christians.

      12. We believe that, having embraced Jesus Christ by faith, we are to make Him known to non-Christians in our sphere of influence.

      13. We anticipate our Lord's promised return in power and glory.

      14. We are convinced that all who have died will be brought back from beyond-believers to everlasting communion with God and unbelievers to everlasting separation from God.
  • Our Ministry: A Quick Overview Enter description here.

    Education and Literacy: Missions through Education

    Education equips children to look towards a better adult life. It opens their world to dreams and possibilities. It allows them to access knowledge for life through books and technology that is now easily available. The aim and focus of The Good Samaritan Schools in India is provision of quality education to tribal communities and marginalized communities and children at risk, that have a high level of illiteracy, high drop-out rates and low educational achievement. The years spent with them also bring God given opportunities to point them to Him and the life giving message of Salvation in Christ. Click Here for more Details.

    Translation: Bible in Heart Language

    India is land of teeming millions, rich diversity of culture and with identity seeped by regions, opportunities and most importantly and heart language and dialects. There are yet thousands who are still waiting for their first copy of God’s Word in their own language. You can gift scriptures verse-by verse. Our goal is to provide scriptures to the least reached peoples. To translate, to publish and to see lives nurtured by God's Word.
    Click Here for more Details.

    SPAD: Gifting Scriptures In Their Mother Tongue

    Many people in rural and tribal areas of our world are oral learners. It means they may not have a script for their language or dialect and they most likely never learned how to read and write.
    The Good Samaritans International is giving to them a Solar Powered Audio Device or simply a SPAD (pronounced S-PAD) with the Bible recorded in it in their language. S-PAD gives them quick, easy, and mobile access to God's word. With scriptures and scriptural teaching available to them, tribal groups are now able to search and examine God's Word, just like the Bereans in the book of Acts, in obedience and with faith. Give a gift of one or more, Solar Powered Audio Device!
    Click Here for more Details.

    Midwifery and Infant care: Training Missionary Midwives Birthing Eternal Hope.

    As the infant and maternal death during pregnancy among the indigenous people group is very high the ministry focus of TGSI is to train missionary midwives to help reduce the numbers of mothers and babies who die in and around childbirth and by bringing access to midwifery care by sending missionary midwives to pray for the mother and the baby in need, meeting the urgency of having skilled care at birth which includes routine care for all women and their newborn in normal childbirth, special care for those who need integrated interventions according to specific disease patterns, and management of complications of pregnancy and childbirth and problems and in newborns and early childhood health care.

    Leadership Empowerment for National Leaders: Imparting Accurate Doctrinal Truths of the Bible and Raising Effective Leadership to Serve Christ and the Indigenous Church.

    Only a native believer has a complete access in indigenous regions in India more effectively and quickly and for long-term missions.
    There is an urgent need need to raise and empower native language speaking leaders who can nurture new believers in Christ. The Good Samaritans International works with indigenous ministries to assist them in training and equipping local leaders so that as followers of Jesus Christ be instrumental in helping their indigenous community and the regional people group to grow in obedience to Christ and His witness. This ministry offers exponential growth through church based discipleship and and training.

    Suburbia Neighborhood Ministries: Building on many ministry opportunities near us. f=”#top”>

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    • Offering Cross-Cultural Outreach Trainings..
    • Transformational Leadership Training. Offering modular pastoral equipping training where you are.
      • Starting The Good Samaritan Missional Prayer and Care Communities. Join or Start at your home, church, small groups or even at work.
    • Serve as a Good Samaritan Volunteer, take short-term missions trip, join and work with the team of TGSI team. See our Statement of Belief and our Doctrinal Stand and our Ministerial calling.
    • Radio ministry. Coming soon.
    • Home Group Fellowship for International Students, Scholars and Professionals. Serve full-time/volunteer by joining North American based TGSI Team right in your home town and to your neighborhood. Please contact us.